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Chalk and Notch Waterfall Raglan

Gosh I love this pattern. Flowy and comfy, but nice fitted sleeves - because when it is cold you do NOT want drafty sleeves!
I made mine out of cotton lycra! I am thinking of maybe trying a french terry one next in a bit longer length... Perfect for wearing with tights and then adding 5 layers of cardigans and sweaters and wearable blankets over... #Ihatewinter.... 
The pattern itself is a quick sew - and that bottom ruffle is a light gather so you won't want to murder someone by the end of it! Great directions as well to the pattern, so if you are a beginner this is a great place to start with knits!
I got this fabric from https://www.truenorthfabrics.ca/ and I think it is a lovely weight and the colours and fabric print are great! It has survived many washes already without any fading!
Just in time for #chalkandnotchturns2 - with which this is my sew to celebrate!

Gift Giving Season is here! Wrap up in STYLE!

I love a FAST sew - as you all know...  and when sewing up a bag to wrap presents in is faster and less frustrating than wrapping - I'm all in!!! (how do you really wrap wine bottles anyways??)

I made the Pluton and the Mercure from the Bento option of the new Jalie Galaxie1 pattern set.  

As you can see by the pictures - LOADS of options! 
3 Bento style options from small to a tall bag, a box pouch, 2 sizes of drawstring bags, and 2 sizes of tote bags!


SPECIAL LAUNCH / BLACK FRIDAY COUPON : Save 50% on the new GALAXIE 1 pattern, with coupon code 50OFF2017, valid from November 24th, 00:01 Eastern Time to Nov. 27 23:59 Eastern Time. This pattern will be available in pdf ONLY

Perfect for quick kid gifts, teacher gifts, and making that bottle of wine look a little classy on your countertop!

The pouches are so perfectly adorable with little box corners - that are super easy to do and no measuring involved! 

I'll be over here making a half a dozen more for all the small gifts to give! I think the small one will fit half a dozen cookies nicely and a pouch of hot chocolate mix.. that is a good neighbour gift - right?

One Thimble Issue 17 is out and here to play in the snow!

Issue 17 is OUT!!!!*  One Thimble is hands down my favourite pdf/online sewing magazine!!! Every issue has several patterns I want to sew and articles I MUST read! *post contains affiliate links

Today I'm showing the Miss Blossom Bunny Purse pattern! This cute bunny purse is a fairly simple sew. It does have a zipper so just for that I always slap on an intermediate rating - but do not be scared of zippers! They are a great skill to have in your sewing skillset.

Broof Doll complete with a Dickfish!

This sew - TOTALLY a just for fun sew!!! I've had this on my make list since we watched the latest Doraleous and Associates episode that hit youtube. (which you can go and watch HERE). Though the episode might not be child appropriate, depending on age of your child/ren of course and what you allow in your home - so consider yourself fair warned)

Broof has always been a favourite character in the series and right at the end of this episode when he comes back in with the dickfish made the husband and I laugh so much that we would randomly say "dickfish" to each other and start chortling again. 

I actually made TWO Broof dolls with dickfish. Why??? Well, because this project included heavily modifying a doll pattern (Nimblephish Delightful Doll pattern), LOADS of hand painting and of course sewing all those details and making my own pattern for the dickfish. 

So, I was pretty sure at some point in this project I would mess it up, which is why I started with sewing two, I wanted a spare in case I made an irreversible error. I ended with two dolls though - because I didn't mess up the painting anywhere and the sewing and mods turned out perfectly! (though the hair took a couple attempts ... and I almost forgot the ears..) 

I'm not going to lie about the time commitment for making a fan based doll, there was sooo much hand sewing and painting for the details here that each doll is about 15hours of work. A few times I had to take a few days break between working on the Broof dolls because my fingers were so worn down and sore from the hand sewing.

BUT, I was able to gift one to the husband - which he has decorating his gaming area and it makes us both smile when we see it - and he was very impressed with how this turned out and it is nice to be able to wow him sometimes with my sewing and painting. 

I was going to save this for the anniversary gift (11 years later this month ! ... not really sure where that time went) But of course, I suck at keeping surprises and like being all "look what I did!" when I make things... 

And now I am going to have to think of something else for a present....  OR (and I am favouring this) are anniversary gifts needing to be on the day of a bit overrated? I mean an early present is still a present right? 

Santa Stocking Time!!!! +PATTERN GIVEAWAY!

Anita is a German pattern maker who is getting some of her patterns translated to English, and her next pattern to be translated - the Santa Stocking!!! 

GIVEAWAY at the end of the post

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