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Fringe Dress - selfish sewing fun!

I made myself a new dress!!! I bought this pattern the weekend it was released..... but only got around to sewing it last week. oops. I printed it within minutes of buying it  but as tends to happen, things arose that were a higher priority. 

Say hello to the Chalk and Notch Fringe dress ( no affiliate links - and bought the pattern with my own money and the fabric too!)

This dress is perfect for around the year wear - oversized cardi and boots for fall - I'll add tights for winter, and on it's own for warmer weather!

The pattern sewed up in a few hours, and the only changes I made were to how I constructed the ties. Because let's be honest, I don;t have the time or the patience to turn little fabric tubes! So I ironed them like bias tape and then sewed up both sides, tucking in an end!

I absolutely ADORE the hemline !!! and the pockets.... 

I added the ties to the front darts (pattern has that option) so I can adjust ties to tighter fitting dress or looser - depending on how much turkey and stuffing I eat this weekend at Thanksgiving...

Here is a closer up of the front - you can see the super tidy finishing - I love a well faced garment! and a close up of the fabric - it's not just dots! The fabric is a cotton - but a slightly more lightweight than average.. or maybe just a bit more drape... It is comfy though  and wears well.

The day after these pics the husband said to me about how much he really liked the dress I was wearing yesterday... If a dress has enough of an impact to get a compliment (again) the next day - it is a win!

There you have it - my new fall/winter dress! I think I'll sew one up in some Zelda print next for comicon this month! (Which I am hoping to go to!)

Don't be fooled by the smiles in the previous pictures - it was frost on the ground and seeing your breath in the air cold the mornign we took pictures! ... Anyone want to adopt a full grown Canadian out of the cold this winter?


Tina Voth said...

Looks great! A zelda dress sounds awesome!

Victoria Beppler said...

This is such a beautiful dress! I'm trying to find fabric for another version. Using bias tape for the straps was SO smart!

laurel grose said...

another one of my fave makes for yourself!! this will be great for next spring and summer!!!

Mama Lusco said...

Your dress is amazing! I love the fit and fabric. Off to check out the pattern for myself!

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