Camden Raglan Pattern

I am in LOOOVE with the HEY JUNE Camden raglan* for girls!!! it is in the juniors line which means it is size 6-16. Basically this is the kids version of the Lane raglan - so it is no shock I love it considering how I feel about my lane! (Read about that HERE!)

As soon as she tried on the top I knew I HAD to make all her shirts in this pattern! the fit is sooo perfect on her! I did the 6 width and 8 length as she is a bit longer than she is wide.

For fabric I used the cranberry mini stars (open now for a preorder) and my penguins from True North Fabrics a canadian custom fabrics group). They are a basic cotton lycra - but a good quality and weight cotton lycra! 

but seriously - this fit is SPOT on!!! The pattern has so many options in it as well I feel like I really can make all her shirts in this pattern and they won't all look the same!

*Affiliate links to Hey June are used in this post - it costs nothing extra to you to use an affiliate link - but I do get a small commission - so if my sewing inspires you please do consider clicking my links :)  HEY JUNE Camden raglan

Back to School Sewing

Hi!!! WELCOME !! This is my stop on the giant back to school blog tour! All about back to school sewing!!! Now, if you read the blog regularly, you've already seen a lot of the back to school sews I've done, but no such things as too many clothes until it is time to do laundry right?

I made 4 patterns:
  1. the Jalie Vanessa Fluid pants
  2. the Filles et Maman Souris top (in tunic length)
  3. the Gracious Threads Raindrop Tee
  4. the Bubby and Me Darcy (in top length)
  5. Sis Boom Sophie Tunic (on sale until oct 5th with 50% of shop sales going to help rebuild Puerto Rico)

I Drink and I Sew Things!

This weekend I took the time to sew - for ME!!! I made this hoodie and a dress (which will be a later blog post). It was amazing. I left a lot of the "momming" to the husband (he did dishes and snacks and spent time with kids) and I sat at my machine listen to some classic rock in my headphones and sewed! AMAZING! I had fun, I feel re-energized, and I love my new fall/winter clothes!

Sewing for Kindergarten

 I'm not quite sure how it happened... but my BABY is in Kindergarten this year!!! She is SOOOOOO excited about it and loving it sooo much!

Her first day when she got home she says to me,  "Mom, I listened to my teacher ALLLLLLLLLLL day - and I even did the boring work!! ALLL the boring work even!"

and that was Kindergarten, day 1 folks...

The ESTEEM dress! A lot of pics and pattern details!

This post is ALLLL about the new Cali Faye ESTEEM dress

Kitten Birthday Party

Cheeks had her 5th birthday celebration this week!! (I do NOT know how on earth my baby is 5 already... but it happened)

Her and her friends LOOOOVE to play kittens together, so she HAD to have a kitten themed birthday party! And I did it on the cheap! So if you want to get some animal inspired birthday party ideas - here you go!

The majority of the party budget was spent on Beanie Boos. I was going to make cats... but I really didn't feel like making 7 cats was a good use of my time, and especially not when I found beanie boos at Chapters for 5.06 each (yay for getting an email with a weekend coupon code!)

7 Beanie Boos =  $35.42

TOTALLY worth the money too have a fun take home gift (I HATE doing goody bags... mostly because I end up throwing most of the dollar store stuff out when my kids get them)

Next up I found headbands on EBAY (I got them for about 1$ each) Here is a link to them, there are many sellers who have them as you can see 

7 headbands: $7

The craft was a make and decorate your own collar - I made these with a simple tag shape and ribbon using vinyl and fabric.  

Ribbon cost : $2 - everything else was scraps

The kids had a blast decorating with little self adhesive dots.  Dots cost: $2 at Walmart

For the cake I used 2 boxes of cake mix and a container of icing 

Cake mix + icing = $4

The ears and nose I made using scraps of felt and candles were ones we bought previous years. 

Total cost = $50.42

or $54.42 if you include the $ on buying the Kitty Garland banner embroidery file... but that has other uses and will be used to make banners I can sell at markets too.

Me: "Show me your I'm 5 now face!" and this is the face she gives me!

The dress she is wearing is the Buby&Me Darcy dress, which I tested and you can read all about in THIS blog post. The fabric is fabric I designed for True North Fabrics. I'm not including the dress in the party budget - since she needed some new school appropriate dresses anyways.

She really does love her new dress though!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the birthday party - I know it is a little out of my normal posting, but hopefully it helps give some ideas! 

I'd love to hear some comments below! What do you love about the kitten part theme?

Bring on FIVE! 

Happy Crafting!

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