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Making Skinny Jeans for back to school with Little Lizard King Patterns

I signed up to test the newest Little Lizard King pattern the Cambridge Skinnies pattern

I signed up for the test for 2 main reasons
  1.  My oldest kid needs pants!
  2. Buying pamts is hard because her waist and legs are a bit smaller in size than her height is tall.

The pattern features a great guide on mashing sizes, even thigh measurements to help you get the skinny fit you want!

I skipped the front pockets - because my kid never uses them anyways and more often then not they are just inside out pains to deal with lol. BUT, I did do the back pockets!!! I Added some fun free motion to decorate the pockets.

The fly is Faux - so it looks great but is an easy sew!  The front is flat and the back has elastic.

I made these pants with a slight stretch to it denim (like maybe 10%) I also did a tester version in regular cotton woven - which for my kid worked great - but she takes after her momma and is a rectangle... 

How are your back to school sewing plans going?


laurel grose said...

these are super fun!!! i'd love to see the other pair, if you photograph them! i just may have to try out this pattern!

Tina Voth said...

Love the FMA on the pockets! Now to grab the pattern for my girls.

Bridget said...

So cute, and I love the color you chose! I will have to try that pattern for my daughter, too. She is very thin but has long legs, and RTW jeans have never fit her right. Great job!

Skirt Fixation said...

Oooh! Is that Art Gallery Fabrics denim, or just inspired by it? Nice sewing.

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