Make Laundry, Don't DO Laundry! GIVEAWAY and Link-up!

An entire blog tour dedictated to how much we'd rather sew than do laundry....

I'm sure many of you are in the same boat as I am with limited time and a strong need to be creative deep in your soul... and I'd rather use my hour ish of time creatively (sewing) than mindlessly (folding laundry). If you are in the same boat - this tour is the one for you! Even if you are not on the official bloggers joining in part of the tour - we have a FAB link up party happening for this tour - so you can get in on the fun and maybe even win the huge prize pack we have for that! If you really must do laundry this week and have no sewing time - we still have somethign for you - a MEGA rafflecopter giveaway!!!!! 

It's so amazing all the sponsors who have come together to support this tour and we are sure you will love everythign in the prize packs! a HUGE mega thanks to the sponsors for helping us add some extra fun! A few of the designers are having sales for the duration of the tour, so here's the codes!

George & Ginger use code MAKELAUNDRY25 for 25% off her patterns

Blaverry use code MAKELAUNDRY for 25% off her patterns

Stitch Art use code MAKELAUNDRY for 30% off patterns

Paisley Roots use code MAKELAUNDRY for 25% off patterns

These codes are good through June 12th!
Then Laela Jeyne's Emily Womens T-shirt & the Deluxe Charlotte Kids Leggings are on sale through the 11th! No code needed!

scroll down a little and enter the giveaway!

AND there is a LINK UP at the end of the post as well - another way to win some prizes! So be sure you come back all week and link up your sewing!

Each day head on over and check out the bloggers in the tour! Feel free to leave them a comment or share their post with your friends!


Now, who wants to talk prizes???

For the Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize Package 1

Prize Package 2

1 Pattern of choice from Simple Life Pattern Company 
1 Pattern of choice from Modkid
1 Pattern of choice from Laela Jeyne
1 Pattern of choice from SisBoom
1 Pattern of choice from Everything Your Mama Made
1 Pattern of choice from The Wolf & the Tree
1 Pattern of choice from Stitch Art 
2 Patterns from Paisley Roots

Link-up Prize Package:

And now link up!

An InLinkz Link-up

Thanks to YOU for participating in the tour by linking up, reading the blog posts, sharing, commenting and getting inspired to SEW!

make laundry dont do laundry. Saffron Twirl pattern

One more sponsor to show off - the lovely Paisley Roots!!!! You've been seeing me link to her all week as she is a co-host of this tour - but she is also a great designer! and I just LOVE this pattern!

My daughter has declared this her FAVOURITE dress I've made her this summer.

and I have to admit - it is one of my favourites too! it stays on so perfectly. the bodice has a perfect fit. and the twirl is just fab! 
The sash can be tied in the front or the back.

NOW - tour begins on MONDAY (june 6th)!!! and it will be AMAZING~ and have a link up!!!

Make Laundry don't do it pre tour !

Last day for the PRE tour! Remember the Tour starts on Monday!

Now I must say - I LOOOOOOVE Hey June patterns!!!! The directions, the printing layouts, the way they go together. Just a lovely and very professional pattern. So do not be shy of Hey June!

I love how easy it is to use this pattern for panels too! All you doo is add a little fabric around the panel and good to gofor cutting the pattern out! 

Sadly - it has been nothing but rain for the past week.... So these pics do NOT do the shirt justice... but you get the general idea at least lol.

If you recognize this one it is because it is my own artwork - picked up by True North Custom Knits group!

(my oh no I just stepped in mud but the self timer just started clicking away face)

The Make Laundry tour will also be having a link up! So get sewing this weekend all your fast sews!

Now go check out Paisley Roots and PearBerry Lane and leave some comment love or sharing the post love !

There will be 3 prize packages. One for the link up winner and two for the rafflecopters. These are all the sponsors that will be part of the prizes.


Make Laundry, Don;t DO Laundry PRE TOUR!

aha. My husband knows that I won;t put away HIS laundry... I haven;t done that since our 3rd month of marriage where he told an entire table of people at family supper how I fold wrong and when I put away his laundry he always has to re fold everything. Haven;t wasted my time since lol. BUT - that is him waiting for me to put away kids laundry forsure!

Today in Make laundry I am showing off my P4P raglan! It is the original one. I love the fit of this, so comfy, and the relaxed knit looks cute with just a little tuck in!

and since it is a raglan - sews up faster than the washing machine and dryer run!

Getting excited about the tour starting on the 6th yet ???? 

Go check out Karly and Cassandra's posts! 


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