Has anyone seen my motivation?

What's new ? Anyone out there crafting lately ?

we;ve been spending every nice enough day outside. Of course it is not even may yet so that has not been all that many days.... Why is it always soooooo windy in the spring ? 

I'm looking forward to grass turning green and not having to wear coats outside!

I did finally get my mermaid painting complete and hung on the wall though! yay!!

Now to find my sew-jo ... Anyone seen it ??? 


what's new?! Ice Ice

A quick update for you guys!

Lately I've been helping run and participating in the Great Canadian Marketplace! A place for WAH Canadians to sell their wares in a pop up type event. (48hrs)

There is a mom's/self event on right now! 36 ish hours left to go! These towel sets are my entry into the event!

and what do my kids do while I work - sometimes the youngest gets artistic .... and the eldest was VERY upset by this and not being able to watch her (educational?) show. 

and I've continued work on the mermaid pic!


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