Sunday Lately!!!!

This week's themes: Planning, Loving, Reading, Wishing, Feeling.

Planning:  My spring capsule! and nearly done sewing... didn;t get it done in a week.... but I only have 3 things left - which isn't tooo bad. Check out this post to learn more!

This is the Hey June Aurora pattern with the Narwhal panel from MY art turned fabric line.

Loving: Seeing my name on a fabric!!! Yes, I did have a sisboom fabric named afetr me in the colour brigade line!!!! (out in may! - buy all the Jeanine!!!)

Reading:  A little self help for me to better help the kiddo's.... More so the oldest as she is five right now and this is the age range the book starts at. blah. I hate that I feel like I should even read this book. BUT it is really good so far!

Wishing: It was summer.... I want to sit outside in the sun. I want to drink moscato with my friends in the evening and BBQ snacks! I'm going to learn to BBQ this year btw.

Feeling: Meh. but hopeful.... March is almost here... Which means spring is getting close. which means summer and sun and warmth is on the way.  I did start using my new summer purse this weekend though! 

Seneca Creek Bag by Betz White - with sewalong!  and yes, I DID run the sewalong. and YES I am taking on some freelance work.... So feel free to let people know.

Ok. This house is devoid of foods I can eat... so I should go bake or cook .... or something.... I'm pretty sure an orange and piece of toast are not going to last me all day ....  Also feeling LAZY today...  Relaxing sundays are nice. but not very motivating for much more than all day naps and video game playing .... 


Sunday Lately!


I've been making loads of hanging towels this week! A friend ordered a couple ... and then I just had some fun!

My inspiration and desire to create! and missing socks.... This week's house task has been to pull out every piece of children's attire I can find - wash it - sort it - and put it away. So much to get rid of... But what do I do with all the cute handmade ??? I'd like to see it get some more love! 

To Painting! and I love it. Oh man I have missed this medium! A friend invited me to a paint night with her, and it reminded me of my first creative love - paint on canvas!

To cook .... I really just want to paint all day.... 


 CHOCOLATE!!! oh my goodness.... and of course my birthday is coming up this week.... So dessert will happen. If you can;t indulge on your birthday week then when can you - right ??? 


Sunday Lately.... Late....

This week’s themes: Doing, Appreciating, Designing, Humming, Expecting.


Trying to sort out a proper schedule for myself. Which as it turns out is not a good thing.... well. I mean I have fun saying "sorry that is not on the schedule" when the husband says why is the sink full of dishes. but really I have toooooo much  want to do and not enough hours in a day. So I think I'll stick with my multi-tasking going crafty crazy ways.

Trying to figure out my next step though career wise... I do want to get into a fabric house as a regular designer.... one day.... anyday.... lol. Right now working on custom knit fabric design on the side. 


The kids, art. Time alone. Taking some time to treat myself to something pretty and that I can do so.


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