love dresses and colourblocking!

I LOVE  sewing for myself! I get a look I want and it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg and I don't have to order online and hope it fits! I want to encourage EVERYONE to sew something for themselves! 

 I conveniently had JUST (like literally JUST) enough of the grey floral and grey chambray left in my stash and I loved the eyelet on the top to tie in the white of the floral. 

I used the Sisboom Angie pattern and just chopped the top to colour block it and then added a band to the bottom on the skirt. I lined the bodice using the tutorial on the Scientific Seamstress blog  

So there you go - grey is no longer glum

I love the simplicity of the Angie pattern, it is easy to modify and so easy for on and off as there are no zippers or buttons to fuss with, just some elastic in the back.  Plus the pattern has pockets!

More for me!

Are you sick of seeing me in the Sisboom Angie yet? I hope not because Although I've made 5 I'm not sick of this pattern yet! Simple and sweet and pockets! The pattern has so much room for play as you saw in my colour block dress that I blogged about for work. For this blue one I stuck straight to the pattern. Simple and fun. 


mommy casual but cute, greyscale.

Oh gosh I really do love to sew for myself~ I don't even post half of it haha. 

The look I want to show you today, more grey I know. but I love it! I love neutrals that can be paired with other neutrals, or add in a pop of colour for fun.  

Casual, comfy, but still cute!  I'm trying to get away from the I'm a total mom yoga pants and hoody look. Not that the look is "bad" exactly, just that I feel better about myself when I wear not yoga pants and a proper shirt. The thing is I still chase after kids all day and AM a total mom, so I do need clothing that works for that. and this look passes the feel good and feel good about myself test!

I made the Mouse House Creations Julia Cardigan and the pants are the Sisboom Judy Fancy pants in chambray. Both of these patterns are amazing for fit and extremely well written. I highly recommend both.

Now, what are you going to make yourself?


Love me some pants!

So to continue on the theme of sewing for oneself...  I made myself Judy Fancy Pants! These are the JUST released latest pattern from Sisboom patterns, and they are AMAZING!!!!! (full disclosure I work for Carla and sisboom patterns, but I was a fan girl long before I got the job! My sayings on this pattern would be the same regardless!)

They sew up so quickly! A little longer than plain PJ pants, but I can go from cut-finish in about 2-3hrs depending on how fast I sew and how many facebook breaks I take...

They have options for butt darts and pockets, and rise, with or without faux piping on the pockets! They also have facings so they finish on them is so professional and tidy!

I made myself a chambray pair, a sweatshirt fleece pair and used some woven Sisboom Lucky girl for a pair! Got to love the versatility in that!

Which pair is your favourite? 


Swooning for the Coraline!

Over at the blog Pattern Revolution they are doing a 'sew yourself some love' series. 
I decided to step out of my comfort zone and sew up the Swoon Coraline Clutch and I am SO glad I did! I did the large clutch size.

(I'm wearing a Sisboom Jenny dress - great pattern as well... but I'm not talking that one today)

I REALLY (and I mean it) enjoyed this pattern! I love that there are 2 clutch sizes and a wristlet all in one pattern! I loved the directions with the very clear wordage and computer drawings.

Now to be completely honest the stabilizer in the handles was a pain in the butt for this clothing sewist to work with at first, but the Swoon Facebook group is filled with helpful and understanding ladies!
Do NOT let yourselves be scared by that though - it is totally worth it! I am so glad I went out of my comfort zone and made myself a clutch! (and I have grand wristlet plans!)

The pattern calls for topstitching around the handle hole, but I wanted to try something a bit different, just to give it that extra touch/detailing. I used a navy embroidery floss and needle and hand stitched around the inside of the handle. I think the look fits well with the main fabric!

My daughter thought the purse needed to be filled with very important things haha.


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