Candy Carousel Dress with Easy Fits

So I had the pleasure to test the new Molly Blossom Design pattern, the candy carousel dress! It closes with that nifty tie on the front and is layered and twirly and just plain adorable! I LOVE it styled over the Scientific Seamstress Easy Fits and I think it will be so cute with a cardi or long sleeved shirt underneath!

The back is a solid piece but the bottom ruffle goes all the way around. 

I found the pattern to be well written (and yes, I have the final version). The pattern features illustrations to show the how to put it together - which I personally prefer over photos, I find it easier to decipher right sides and wrong sides and etc with illustrations. Nothing to get in the way and distract. The pattern has very few pieces to print - yay for saving ink, and pieces together perfectly.   

I don't work for nor was this post paid for by molly Blossom :) Just an FYI.

So who has started their fall sewing? (This was my first fall sewing piece!)


links to fun stuff and a 'how do ya do'

Hey all, So here is a little project round up from the past week(ish)

I did a tutorial over at Welcome to the Mouse House for this super cute stencil

Love my seafarer top (Thanks Abby from Sew-Much-Ado!!!!) - the fit is super flattering and I love my pretty knit fabric!!! 

and I made myself the Sisboom Vanessa in maxi length with a fe modifications that you can read about and get the tutorials on at The Scientific Seamstress 

Other than that - summer has been busy with kids and playdates and mini adventures!
How has your summer been so far?


A Pattern Review, Seaside shorts

Hi! My name is Jen ( waving and offering you a vegan cookie). I am the irregular blogger here at The crafting Fiend. I am a stay at home/working part time mom of 2 girls and wife of 1 British import. I started sewing back in 2010 after having my first daughter and quickly became frustrated and then discovered PDF's and quickly became hooked on sewing! I will admit though that I am a selfish sewist. I LOVE making myself stuff! I mean my girls look crazy cute in stuff I make them, but they outgrow their stuff sooo quickly I figure sewing for myself is really a much better bang for buck. Ok, enough intro... Let's get to this.

Now I am going to quickly run and grab my trash can lid shield so I can be safe from rotten tomatoes as I confess something to you... This was my first Brownie Goose pattern! Now before you throw those tomatoes please remember I did offer you cookies! And I promise you really can't even tell they are vegan!  

I sewed the entire outfit in one 2.5hr ish naptime! Yes you read that right, cut and sewed a shirt and shorts in one naptime! Which means these shorts went together in about 40 minutes (plus cutting time and bias tape making). Now to be completely truthful the most time consuming part was the home made bias tape. I HATE making it since I strongly dislike ironing.... and I do it by hand with my iron. but I think the beauty and uniqueness of these shorts is the bias tape and so I HAD to have it match the shirt! The detailed directions on how to make your own bias tape is included in the pattern though - so no googling to get that done! phew!

The pattern prints off in colour, well it should. The sizes are colour coded. I, however, am a print in grayscale on draft mode type of printer. It helps the budget :) So I printed in grayscale, and the lines were still very easy to follow to cut the sizes I wanted. So don't let that scare you away, just know.

Another wonderfully fun aspect of these shorts are the little back flaps! They aren't actual pockets but what toddler needs bum pockets for real anyways, right? Don't the pocket flaps just look darling!

The directions were so much fun to read, Amy (of Brownie goose), has a very personable and friendly pattern writing style. The directions were clear and to the point. You will also be happy to know that the option is given for both a flat front and a full elastic casing. I choose the flat front option.


My girl found these shorts VERY comfy and I had a heck of a time getting a picture of her in them since she spent the entire photo shoot running and jumping! Bonus points to the shorts for being so comfy, not so much for my photography though, haha.

The waistband piece you cut according to your length measurement across the top of the shorts- not a big deal at all and VERY easy to do. Just something I thought you should know for full disclosure purposes. You are told how wide to cut the piece and the directions clearly tell you how to measure.

The fit is PERFECT. I made my girl, who wears a 4T in ready to wear store stuff a 4T in the seasides and they are absolutely spot on! I also LOVE the length of them! Thank-you Amy for making a short pattern my little girl can bend over in and still looks girlie in and is cute to boot!

(The shirt seen in these pictures is the Simply Sweet pattern by the Scientific Seamstress and is my absolute favourite shirt/dress pattern of the summer! This is my 5th version!)

These shorts are a perfect beginner pattern and have a great size range as well, 6/12months all the way up to a size 12 girls! I know I need to make my girls another pair or 3... each. You can find Brownie Goose on Etsy and she has a fun blog as well!

So there you have it, my honest and complete review of my very first ever Brownie Goose sew! I wouldn't be nervous to buy Brownie Goose after trying out this pattern!


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