Heidi and Finn colourblock dress

The Heidi and Finn Color Block Dress  

A big thanks to Heidi and Finn for choosing me to pattern test!

 Fabric used: This pattern is very conservative in fabric used, although it is fully lined so be sure to have some cheap-o cotton broadcloth on hand for that. Unless you like using prety designer fabrics on the inside... I am just a bit too frugal for that.

Time: It took about 3 ish hours for both dresses (I assembly lined it and did both at the same time). Plus a little extra since I also had to draw that stencil and paint it on. 

Pattern: I found it well written and easy to follow, Step by step photos all throughout. This pattern is a MUST own!! It really truly is. I just don't even know what else to say. This pattern was a joy to sew. I like it when a pattern is simple yet gives such stunning results that sewing is more fun than work.

Would I make this pattern again: YES!!! In fact I think this is my newest favourite pattern and possibly will be the go to gift for all girly birthday parties this coming year!

I LOVE how versatile this pattern is! A clean basic shaped dress and with the colour blocking there are so many ways to change up the look of this classic pattern. As you can see I couldn't decide on just one look when I pattern tested so I had to do two dresses :) HAD to do two lol. I think my girl might be getting a bit spoiled, every time she sees me at the sewing machine she asks, " mommy making me a new dress?"

And just because my girl really was working the camera (she earned her stickers!) here are a couple photo mash ups :)

I wasn't paid for or asked to do this pattern review - I was just blessed to pattern test and thought I would share with you my results. 

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The nova top

The Nova Top by Popoluk Designs

Fabric used: not very much at all :) I love a cute pattern where I can get away with about a 1/2yd and a FQ ! The main print is joel dewberry and the solid is plain broadcloth

Time: I found the top to be a fast sew - especially for a lined shirt. About 2hours I would say.

Pattern: I found it well written and easy to follow, Step by step photos all throughout. (side note: I LOVE having PDF patterns for a few reasons but a main one is easy directions and more tutorial like directions).
I love the peplum look! and I think this pattern is perfect for a kid without being too grown up. there is a dress option to this pattern as well, I think if I was to do the dress I would shorten it up a bit to be more girly vs. knee length. 
I thought the curved bodice top might be a bit tricky but it was a breeze. Even installing the zipper went easily! 

Sizing: I made a 3T for my girl, the fit is great and it hits about the natural waist where peplum should.

Would I make this pattern again: Yes! Another top I want to make more of! and it goes from a size 1 up to size 8 as well!
I am thinking my next version might have a sheerer fabric as the top piece though and lengthening that peplum a bit and adding a circle skirt...

I made myself a dress

I want to do a proper blog post on this dress soon! It is the anouk pattern by victory patterns. 

But we are sadly buried under snow in my area of Canada,  so a fun outdoor spring photoshoot will have to wait.. But I will say I loved the pattern and I LOVE this dress! 

Hopefully spring comes soon! This late into march I am so over blizzards and -30 ish temperatures. 

Sunshine Dress: A Pattern Review

The Sunshine Dress (from Shwin Designs for Pattern Anthology)

Fabric used: a half yard of the yellow. and about a yard of purple. The floral and pink I found locally in the discount section - I am sorry I have no idea what my fabrics are brand wise. 

Time: I found the dress to sew up fairly quickly. About 2hours I would say.

Pattern: I found it well written and easy to follow, Step by step photos all throughout. (side note: I LOVE having PDF patterns for a few reasons but a main one is easy directions and more tutorial like directions)
I LOVE the curve to the bodice and how gathered the skirt is! 
In the purple version I added about 3 inches to the length and skipped the bottom drawstring I also only did the front pleat on one side for a different look.. In the floral version I followed the directions exactly. I love both equally. 
My daughters favourite part of the pattern - the pockets!!! 

Sizing:  I wish it was down to a 1T size so my girls could have matching dresses for this summer - but i guess that will have to wait until next summer as it only begins at a 2T. I made my girl the 3T which is what she wears in store clothes and I think the fit is absolutely perfect!

Would I make this pattern again: YES! without a doubt! It might be my favourite summer dress pattern for this year. 

Oh I can hardly wait until spring shows up and we can take outside pics. I hate seeing 4ish feet of snow on my front yard on the first day of spring! 

I did pattern testing for this dress, no $$ compensation for this post - nor was I asked to post. Just honest opinions from an at home mom who loves sewing (especially girly things!).

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Stitch-It-Up: Sew and Tell with the Meghan Peasant Dress

Stitch-It-Up: Sew and Tell with the Meghan Peasant Dress:   Hope everyone is having a great Friday!!  I just can't help but smile when I know the weekend is so close  :)

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