The Juliette dress, a pattern review

I was once again blessed to be able to pattern test for LilyGiggle!
The Juliette Dress
Fabric used: I used a fantastic riley blake chevron (medium), about a yard... Honestly it's pretty close to that. I made my girl a size 3T and the contrasting green was just a fat quarter from the fabric store.

Time: This dress sewed up soooo fast! I LOVE quick patterns, especially now with a baby. Cutting and sewing took an hour and a half (ish) 

Pattern: I found it well written and easy to follow, Step by step photos all throughout. (side note: I LOVE having PDF patterns for a few reasons but a main one is easy directions and more tutorial like directions) The pattern also includes a few options including shirt or dress options and two duifferent ways to finish the sleeve cuffs. I did the dress which has a fantastic high-low hemline. Included in this pattern are actually 2 patterns - same dress but one pattern to make it out of wovens and another pattern to make it out of knits

Would I make this pattern again: YES! without a doubt I LOVE how easy this is and that it has both a pattern for knits and wovens plus the shirt or dress option. awesome! and the size range as with all lilygiggle patterns is fantastic (2-12yrs)! 

(I was not paid for this review, though I did get the pattern free to pattern test... but the opinions are real and my own!) 
This is the shirt version (and my daughter's "cheese" face).

Have you made this pattern yet?
In other news, I am making myself a dress! I have it cut out - The anouk by victory patterns! I am sooo scared to start sewing though. It's the pintucks that scare me - and I know that sounds silly. I shirr, do buttons and zippers and yet some silly pintucks scare me... but they do.

I am alive.. just without a computer.

My husband has decided my computer needs cleaning out and a better fan installed and so he took it, and hasn't given it back yet. 
and now you know why I've been quiet.
I did sew matching dresses for the girls - Easter dresses maybe? The eldest needs summer dresses, but I can't just make her clothes and nothing for the youngest (because i feel like a bad mom if I do, like L will look back on pics and say didn't you love me too mom - why didn't you make me clothes - I might be a touch crazy. I swear it's the -40ish weather that's made me be a shut in that affects my brain)
I used the every little thing dress pattern from shwin&shwin. I have the maggie mae pattern from them all ready to go as well!
Other than that I have been doing tons of baking and cooking. Again I blame the weather. at these frigid temperatures my body wants to just eat cake, cookies, breads. mmmm carbs. It is a genetic blessing I'm not a thousand pounds. 
(little mini pies. mmm. these ones are mince (blech to me but the husband loves it), but I've been making loads of pumpkin pies too. and I didn't share the last one with anyone at all...)
My toddler is getting pretty funny. I love this age where they say the most random things and put strange sentences together. On sunday I was trying to convince her she needed to wear a shirt to go out of the house and she runs away from me screaming at the top of her lungs "I no want to cover my boooobies!!!!" I was laughing so hard I could barely chase her to wrangle a shirt on the kid.
and in sewing myself a dress news, I was going to get the washi dress pattern for a casual dress... but I admit I have a hard time spending $16 on a pattern I have to print out myself...
but then I discovered Victory Patterns and I am (very) seriously considering the anouk and the ava! what do you think? I am a rather petite 5'5" person... could i pull off those patterns? 
I should also probably add the new years resolution of stopping the overuse of parenthesis and the ... but I love both of those.
and that is pretty much all that has been happening and on my mind lately. What's new with everyone out there?

my one sewing goal for 2013

I am going to keep things simple this year with sewing goals.

1. sew something for me that I am proud to wear out of the house!

I want to make a dress for myself with this Sarah Jane fabric being the main print. 

I want it to be a bit of a timeless style but girly (obviously if you know me lol) and fun. 
you have pattern suggestions for me - please leave them! I have been looking at the monique dress from sew serpendipity and doing the colour blocked bodice version - with dark pink... but I'm not sure how that style will look on my body type. (5'5" and fairly thin/not many curves)

I love mermaids. Always have. 


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