The babes hospital bag is ready to go!!

Well I am officially "full term" and the babes hospital bag is packed and ready to go! (yay!) and I am also packed and ready to go - phew. loads of meals in the freezer and snacks a well. I am now ready in terms of getting everything I felt *NEEDED* to get finished is finished - now just doing the bonus stuff.

Dollhouse quilt - little felt "paper" style doll and clothing up in the bed and closet - tutorial and pattern pieces is scheduled for post on the 20th of September (my official due date)

Also in the bag is a doll from here. I LOVE this little doll - baby sized and it has green eyes just like the babes does!  I made her a little swaddle blanket (out of the scrap pieces of the swaddling blankets I made for new baby!)

And of course what is a hospital fun bag without candy and stickers and activity books... ? I mean really - she's 2 and needs more to do that just hug a doll and look at her new sister - right? (yes, my girl loves cars - so I got her a car reusable sticker book - she loves to be able to put stickers down and lift them back up and move them). she also loves "kitty" (and to be completely honest that is sooo totally candy that was given to her at her birthday party that I hid away. haha.)

All packed and ready to go! 

and if you are following my facebook page you will have seen the next two pictures of things made for the new baby !

Used my silhouette to do the freezer paper stencilling for this onsie. I'm not sure about you but I have so many pink pants  and onsies - but pink pants and onsies together - a bit much some days even for my pink ruffle loving self! so I added the flower to help tie together the pinks in the pants. Although to be honest I just made myself a 0-3months jean pattern for baby2 that is going to have ruffles on the bum! I'm hoping to sew it up tomorrow and if it turns out I'll post the pattern and directions for you all. (I have high hopes!)

and these adorable hats I used a freebie pattern and I think they look adorable and have put them into my hospital bag for baby!

Hopefully I don't get to the hospital and realize I forgot the bags! I should get the husband to put them into the car...

oh and ps. sorry for the night time pics - but I had to take them after the babes went to bed!

cuteness! ever see a dress you want but can't find a pattern?

original pin - couldn't find the source original - can anyone else?
naptime crafters has a link-up where you post a link to a post about a dress/clothing item you would like to see a free pattern based off of. Now I've had this dress pinned for AGES already and with a new baby on the way I doubt I'll find the time to draft one - so please Amy - can you choose this style?!! 
My little girl and girl on the way would just be too cute for fall and winter in this adorable look with a pair of tights and boots! 
wow - thank you to 'bless by tone' for finding the source! (here) sadly sold out and no longer available on the market :(

Table Runner!

I made a lovely table runner this week my inspiration is from The Vintage sheet Blog . I didn't use vintage sheets, I used my leftover fandango scraps from a fat quarter set I won quite some time ago.

I LOVE the fall colours and look of it and I love the embroidered patch I did for it! That bit of an extra touch just 'makes it' in my opinion.

and here is the pattern for you if are interested in embroidering it yourself ! (I set it as original size - so hopefully you can click and print easily enough)


Sew Much Ado's Polly dress - pattern review

I got to pattern test this adorable dress/blouse pattern from (YAY!!! I LOVE being able to do pattern tests!) 
It is now my go to peasant style dress/blouse pattern! It is soooooooooo easy! and I love that I can do scallops or not, dress or blouse - so many ways to give this pattern a bit of style and variety while keeping things simple and a fast sew!

The blouse with straight hemline
(isn't her 'smelling' face just so cute and funny!)

Dress with scallops

Fabric used: I made a size 2T. All the fabric you see are vintage prints I picked up at a local shop (all under $3.95/m as well!) the pattern itself uses surprisingly little fabric - the scalloped dress used the most and I had 1meter of that tulip fabric and still have enough leftover that I'm thinking I might try and squeeze a newborn matching dress out of it for the babes on the way!

Time: It took about an hour to cut and sew.  I measure all time in "ishness" since I often take breaks for snacks (pregnancy makes me so hungry! it's amazing I'm within target weight gain) and getting the babes back into bed (I sew after bedtime), etc.

Pattern: I found it well written and easy to follow, Step by step photos all throughout. (side note: I LOVE having PDF patterns for a few reasons but a main one is easy directions and more tutorial like directions) The pattern also includes a few options for length and straight or scalloped hemlines. I also want to mention that the pattern pieces are broken up so you don't have to print all the pages and she neatly states which pages to print for which size you want

Would I make this pattern again: YES! without a doubt I LOVE how easy this is and how easy it makes making scalloped hems! (I was previously scared of trying scalloped hemlines despite loving them)

Also the pattern is in a WIDE range of sizes, 0-3month all the up to size 6! So with that kind of range and soon to be 2 girls I plan on using this pattern many many times over. 

I actually used this pattern to make my daughter's birthday shirt since the pattern test. Very easy to appliqué and the pics turned out great - showed off the appliqué and the scallops were just adorable for a birthday shirt and pics!

To buy the PDF pattern click HERE!

ps. I was not paid or even asked to do this post - I just really loved this pattern and wanted to share it with you all who do girl sewing.


a second birthday party!

I really didn't get as many pictures as I could have of the decorating and the set up... I really should have. but here are a few ideas for you. We did a balloon theme - and had many out for the babes to play with and carry around. Those sticks to put balloons on are a wonderful thing for toddler parties!

The birthday shirt! (more about the pattern to come in a future post!)

Birthday plate! I took a dollar store bowl.plate and got out the porcelain pens!

Cupcakes and icing are dairy and egg free - and didn't taste it! SOOO yummy! and the toppers were made on my silhouette and there is a sucker glued in between the papers.

The birthday girl! (trying to get candy off the candy necklace)

Little birthday banner - sorry for the horrible lighting in this pic.

I found a hello kitty birthday set - and had to get it for my girl who loves kitty! made a cute owl package to wrap it in - I'm not a fan of awkward packages and wrapping paper.

And that was my girls 2nd birthday! Her love of balloons, monkeys, and suckers inspired the theme and decor. It was a great day with family, filled my parents kiddie pool up, had a bouncy castle set up for her (yay superstore sale!) and a BBQ for supper. Easy for this preggo to deal with but a blast for a toddler !


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