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I made shirts for my girls to wear this past weekend. I FINALLY found freezer paper!!! (hard to get where I live - I nearly ordered it off amazon, ha). I got the shapes at the silhouette store and cut out the freezer paper with my silhouette. For the paint I used plain acrylic mixed with fabric medium and some fabric markers my mom picked up for me. I LOVE how they turned out!! The hardest part was all the layers for different colours. 

I can't believe I'm 32 weeks already! Time really goes by quickly.
So far I'm still feeling pretty good - most days. Although discomfort is starting to set in - especially with my hips and having to pee a million times a night is no fun. Oh, and let's not forget the braxton hicks, they are getting pretty intense. Maybe that means I'll be a bit early for having the baby, though still full term (one can dream!). Please don't mind the mess of my hair - I really didn't even care to do it or put on make-up...

and I made my girl a "you're my cuppa tea" clippie!


lookie what I found!

Yes - in my mom's old pattern sewing box - which she has passed onto me since she no longer sews. 

I want to make both these patterns SOOOOOO badly - but am seriously intimidated!

and my thrift store find - 25C a pattern!!!! I want to make the top 2 right ones for my girl and girl on the way! (size 2t and 8-10lbs)


Toddler activity - with permanent marker... but it's all good!

Toddler activity of the week is another cheapie!

We got some markers at Micheals (with a mug) for under $5 and then went to the local thrift store and picked up a couple plain white teapots (2 for $1.50).

I let the babes go at it and then it is very important to let "set" for 24 hours and then bake at 300degrees for 30minutes. After baking it is water safe! (and yes, that includes dishwasher! )

I think these will make wonderful grandparent gifts!


wedding work

The wedding was yesterday (and beautiful!) so now I can finally show you the felt flowers for bouquets I was working on!

and the felt flower bib in action (if you want one check out my etsy shop


Sew busy sewing!

Well I have been on a sewing spree the past 2 days it would seem!

Made a floor pillow (if you want a good tutorial check out the living with punks blog)

An Oliver and S Ice cream top for the babes (the floral is vintage  Czechoslovakian fabric) 

and the babes really needed some summer jammies for slightly cooler nights. So I used the freebies pattern for singing up to's newsletter and the top is the sophie tunic by sisboom. I think they look a bit like scrubs so I'm not sure how I feel about them - but they are just jammies... 

Then I realized that throwing a few pencil crayons in my purse for the babes when we go for a car ride is driving me nuts - so I made her a zipper pencil pouch with the leftover floor pillow fabric. (LOVE the fabric.) 

And that has been my sewing the past 2 days. Not too bad for 29 weeks pregnant with a head cold!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


Toddler tuesday - it has to do with feet!

Foot spa!!!

She helped me rub tired leg gel on my legs and I did hers

We buffed our nails 

Picked out a polish colour 

and let painted toes soak in the water!

A VERY relaxing morning activity - and outside (all before 9am - because by 9am it was already getting too hot for this pregnant woman)

The shirt/dress the babes is wearing is from this tutorial (with free pattern) I did awhile back

In other news I made these cute bibs for my daughter and her cousin who are going to be flower girls together ! The bibs match their dresses and the wedding colours perfectly!

Want your own dress-up bibs check out my etsy! (link on the side bar to the left)


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