Toddler Tuesday... on a Wednesday... oops

Fabric painting! Not for the faint of heart or those who dislike messes... I dislike messes - but we did this as an outside craft and that helped me deal with the mess and we did a water station afterwards 

First I wrote on the fabric with a glue gun

Then mixed some basic acrylic paints with fabric medium and let the babes go to town! Kept her busy for a good hour!

Once the paint was dry I peeled off the glue and this is what we were left with... Now to sew it into something!  Keep your eyes peeled for a tutorial of a simple nature :)

(I think I'll find fabric coloured paint and touch up the words a bit though...)


twofer Toddler Thursday (easy and CHEAP!)

So with being 27 weeks along now - I'm finding myself getting tired a lot quicker than normal and so Here are two fun ideas for you to do with your toddler on days when you just want to sit but they need an activity!

first: Balloons: Seriously it amazes me how long a balloon can entertain a toddler for! Our local credit union hands out free balloons to kiddo's when you go in to bank and so this is a freebie activity for us, not that they aren't cheap enough to buy. We brought it outside and let her chase it about the yard (Can you tell we are mid landscaping ?) 

The second activity is one to give to someone. When we went for a walk to the cred we also went to the store and I let the babes pick out a treat for her daddy (she recognizes the ones she has seen him with so she picked one he likes). When we got home she coloured a card to go with it. 

I stamped (she loves to colour letters making them hard to read)

and tied it with a bow! Now it is sitting in the freezer and we will sneak it into his lunch box tomorrow morning before he leaves for work. A nice surprise treat in the lunch is a perfect thing for a Friday I think :)

There you have it! Two easy ideas for keeping the young one/s busy!


Dollhouse Quilt Top Tutorial

I made this quilt top and the tutorial for it will be in the Intrepid Thread's June newsletter - comes out tomorrow!!! sign up! Or you'll have to wait until baby time since this is scheduled for September here on the blog :)

Toddler Tuesday: Time to CRAFT!

Crafting with a toddler can be scary since it gets messy and ends up with mixed results...
so I started with a simple craft project - a paper bag puppet!

We took the pieces outside to colour - since it was nice out. Paper bag puppet printables found HERE

Then the weather took a turn for WAY to hot for this pregnant mama so we came inside to glue. The babes had fun glueing an I did the pasting (I really thought she'd be into that but she wasn't)

puppet butterfly goes "flap flap flap"


Petunia Petal Pants and Oh Deer top to match!

As many of you know I love the LilyGiggle Patterns! 

A week or so ago I got to test out the petunia petal leggings and thought I'd show them to you here and do a little pattern review. The top I did is a variation of the "Oh Deer" swing tunic. I did the tunic a few inches shorter and added a ruffle so it would match the leggings.  Isn't it a cute outfit! Perfect for playing in.

Fabric used: I used some thrifted red jersey and the floral is a print that was in the $1.95/yd section at AGES ago that I have been hoarding.
Time: It took about an hour to cut and sew the bottoms and an hour for the shirt. this is pregnant me sewing time, which means many snack breaks were taken. I seriously am so hungry all the time.
Pattern: I found it well written and easy to follow, Step by step photos all throughout. (side note: I LOVE having PDF patterns for a few reasons but a main one is easy directions and more tutorial like directions) The pattern also includes a few options for length - shorts, capris and full length.
Would I make this pattern again: YES! I have made this shirt pattern a few times already and will be making many more leggings! Black stretch knit is now on my fabric shopping list!

I was not paid or asked to do this pattern review. I just really like easy to put together patterns and quick sews that look adorable.


Toddler Activity Tuesday! Water!

What do you think about Toddler activity day - a good summer series? 

Water fun. Two tubs with water in them, a scoop and some stones in for fun. 


Toddler Activity: Driveway Beautification!

A paintbrush, rocks and some acrylic cheap paints go a long way in keeping a little one busy!

Our driveway is so much prettier now! 

Do you see the "ABC" rocks in the top left? I painted those, and then the babes picked them up and painted them - handed to me and said "A" and then started singing "I Did It." Good thing summer is here - I think that means we  have seen too much Dora !   


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