Dairy and egg free jam jams

I don't know about you - but I searched high and low for a dairy and egg free jam jam recipe. 
I finally had to modify a recipe I had (from an oooooold Mennonite cookbook - thanks to great grandma for leaving it to me)

Here is the recipe for you:

  • preheat oven to 350F
  • cook time about 7 minutes till lightly browned on bottom

1c. shortening
1c. brown sugar

blend the sugar and shortening. then add in

1/2c. applesauce
6Tbsp. syrup
6-8 tsp. Almond milk

in a seperate bowl mix the dry ingredients and then slowly add to the wet

2tsp. baking soda
1/4tsp salt
1tsp. baking powder
3-4c flour (dough should be a bit sticky)

Shape dough into balls and flatten till about 1/4-1/2" thick place on lighlty sprayed cookie sheet. 
When the cookies are cooled put a tablespoon of jam on one and place another on top.


Swinging Swingy Dress. Free pattern 2/3T and Tutorial

I made my daughter a swingy summer dress based on an idea I saw at miniboden but they had it in cotton and a completely different front neckline... really not the same at all but I liked how it almost looked like a circle skirt but in a dress form. Thought it would be perfect for the summertime.

Perfect for twirling in!

Featuring a ruffled gathered neckline

and a comfy elastic back that makes it for easy on and offs!

Cut out the PATTERN pieces. (thanks to Nancy for reminding me about scribd) The size fits my 2T daughter perfectly hitting just at the top of her knee, but you should easily be able to get 3T out of this by adding an inch or two to the length.  The dress slips over and on so easily thanks to the elastic back, making it easy for dressing! (if your toddler is as active as mine I'm sure you'll appreciate this ! )

and here is a pic of the ruffle pattern piece - so you get an idea. on a 11x 8.5 sheet of paper. I just winged it myself and then traced it after I cut it out for you.

(see that pin on the bottom one? I like to mark my back piece with a pin so I don't get confused)

Fold over the edge of your front piece neckline and hem it

Then sew a gathering stitch and gather it as tight as you can (or want it)

Here is a close up of the neckline all finished

Now take your back piece fold it over about an inch and sew

Cut a piece of elastic and thread it through. I cut mine 7.5 inches. 

When through stitch it to each end like seen below.

Then put your front and back pieces right sides together and stitch the side seams, I straight stitched and then zig zaged.

Next hem the bottom of the dress

and to finish off get your bias tape and put around the arm holes, I tucked the one end into the other to finish it off and keep it tidy.

and that is it! The swinging dress is complete!

and perfect for dancing in!

PS. once again I apologize for my awful pictures. again we have rain and a mere 3 degrees Celsius (which according to google is 37degrees farenheit) outside. blech.  Maybe one day I'll convince the husband that we should move somewhere that has more summer than it does winter....


Newness!! Exciting EXCITING NEWS!!!!

So... what's new around here... well... I might as well let the picture tell you!

I have had SUCH a hard time holding this secret in!!!! I wanted to say soooooo many times - especially with my lazy and lacklustre blog posts since Christmas ish time. But now you know the truth behind that! The 1st trimester is just completely draining on me. I seriously took a nap every day when the babes had her nap. 
We held off telling people until Easter so we could announce baby and gender - which is pretty big for us to keep it a secret that long, with the babes we told a week after peeing on the stick! haha. 
Plus I'm a pretty small person so keeping a second baby belly secret more than 4 months was a hard thing to do! My belly has no where to go but out! (and apparently my butt was feeling left out and decided to follow suit...)

I am sooooo excited to be having another girl! I always dreamed of having a sister (never got one) and I'm so glad the babes will get a sister/sister relationship. I get along fine with my brothers - but it's just different than having a sister.

I made my baby to be an Itty Bitty dress (free pattern) out of Joel Dewberry's heirloom collection using 2 fat quarters and a tiny piece instead of piping (since I could not for the life of me find my piping!). Now I just need to convince someone to knit or crochet a little white cardi in case this is a chilly September...

Any other ideas of what to sew? 
I also picked up a 4 pack of baby long sleeve onesies to decorate! Now to think up some creativeness...

Any ideas on how to have the babes excited about a new baby? Right now she doesn't understand - but she'll be 25 months when the new babes is here and I want to have something for her to help her feel involved... I was thinking a baby of her own that cries that she can feed and play mommy to so when I'm busy with baby she could take care of her baby alongside me? Any thoughts and advice welcome!

Ps. This also means that I'll be looking for guest bloggers in September! Not too fussy, so email me your ideas & to sign up! thecraftingfiend@gmail.com


EASTER project!!!!! Bean Bag Toss Game!

I am SOOOOOO excited about my daughter's Easter gift! I decided she'll get enough chocolate over the weekend and so I made her a bean bag toss game! (well... my dad made the board and then I painted it and made the bean bags!) Do you think she'll like it? I sure hope she does! I plan on bringing it out at her birthday party this summer as well - minus the bunny Easter bags... I'll make some more birthday themed ones at the time. 

The best part it was pretty much free to make! scrap wood - free, scrap fabric - basically free, basket $1.00, and some spare paint kicking about the house from room painting! 

Here are some pics of the construction. If you want to make your own, cut 2 right angle triangles 7.5" x 18" and then your top board is 21.5" (tall) x 19.5" (width). the under side has a board across the back on the under in case any little kids wish to climb the game, safety first.

The blue is the main colour in my daughters room and the pink is the accent colour on the top of her trim.

For bean bags I made bunnies, bees, and a flower. I traced around a large (ish) circle... those little ceramic baking dishes I can't remember the name of is what I used.

No chocolate from this mom for Easter but hopefully lots of fun for my little girl and her cousins!


ps. Did you notice my cute new blog signature? it's from: http://www.cherryontopblogdesign.com/. She has started a new design shop that you should check out if in the blog look upgrade market

Summer Skort. Pattern Review

This week I had the honor of doing another pattern test for LilyGiggle patterns, The Sweet Shop Skort

Fabric used: I used 2 old t shirts to make this.
Time: It took about an hour to put this together
Pattern: I found it well written and easy to follow. The pattern also includes the just skirt or to make it as a skort instructions. As well many tips are included for sewing knit with a regular sewing machine.
 I chose to do the skort option as my toddler is 20 months and doesn't understand that not everyone needs to see her undies and she thinks looking between her legs is all good fun. 
Would I make this pattern again: YES! I have plans already. Easy summer skorts with a cozy fold over waistband is just what my girl needs!

So there you have it! If you are looking for a easy summer skirt/skort pattern to upcycle those tees you have in the thrift store bag - this is a perfect pattern for you. 

mmmm lemon loaf at Easter time is my idea of a perfect spring treat!

I made this recipe http://www.mennonitegirlscancook.ca/2012/03/lemon-layered-loaf.htm and it was delish!!!

I made a few changes for those of you that have been following awhile already you know I am allergic to dairy and sensitive to eggs. So I used 1/2c apple sauce instead of egg, almond milk instead or cow milk, and earth balance "butter". I also added a little lemon juice to the dough since I really love lemon in the spring!

In the spread on mix I did the zest of 1 lemon (vs. 3) and instead used the juice of the lemon.

For the glaze I of course cannot have cream cheese frosting and so I did a mix of lemon juice and icing sugar and poured that on while till warm out of the oven.

I LOVE how it turned out - I think it tastes every bit as good as it would of with dairy and egg! ... well the cream cheese probably does add extra amazing flavour - but mine is really GREAT! (and the babes loves it as well)

and just so you can salivate through your computer screen - a close up of the lemon-y goodness!

I pinned this recipe and am entering into the pinterest challenge.

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