Kitty Rag Doll! (Free Pattern)

I'm so excited I get to share with you all my newest pattern for a rag doll kitty! I made this pattern for my babes who loves dolls and kitties (of which she will never have a live variety due to the husbands allergies).

(ps. I FINALLY have my internet back!!!  It is not fun to go a week with no internet. I missed it!)

The good news for you is that this means I have the rag doll kitty pattern uploaded for you. and a set of basic instructions (with some gorgeous artwork done by me in photoshop - haha)

A close up of the painted face. If you have been following for awhile now you have probably noticed that pink is my favorite color and I love hearts! I was so excited to have a daughter to do girly crafts for! I decided to give this kitty a bit of elegance with a painted necklace and with the details being painted on it is baby safe!

For painting on the face I use regular acrylic paints and add a fabric medium to it. You could use regular fabric paints but I am a bit 'frugal' and find that buying normal paints and adding fabric medium to be MUCH cheaper and I get more variety in color. I've had my fabric medium for 5 years now and still haven't run out.  the only thing to remember is to set the paint so you can machine wash it you have to iron on the backside of the fabric once the paint is dry on a hot setting for a minute or two.

You'll want to print the pattern pieces below
Pattern pieces 1
Pattern pieces 2

Basic instructions for this project are below - for a more picture type tutorial the steps follow the Modest Mermaid Doll except you don't have face pieces to stitch on and have ears to insert instead.

A close up of the ear to show you the ear pleating

If you would prefer to just buy a kitty ($25CDN + shipping) - send me an email with the subject "rag doll kitty" or something similar to;

New Pattern on it's way!

For this sweet little kitty rag doll!

The plan was to have it up here for you all today... but sadly our internet is being a bum and is down for the weekend! I'm told they are going to fix the tower Monday so hopefully Monday evening or Tuesday I'll have it up!

In the meantime - what do you think? Is this something I should add to my etsy shop? 

oh and ps. I also have a pattern for a Easter themed doll ready to go! Along with another Easter project in the works! That will include a bit of sewing and a bit of woodworking!!! I'm excited about it :)

Patchwork Ruffled neck peasant dress.

So, what is a girl to do when home alone for a whole evening! and the babes has gone to sleep? SEW!

 I almost went to bed early but decided to get the cobwebs off my machine instead and I'm so happy I did!

I made this ruffled neck peasant dress out of several fat quarters from the Fandora for Kate Spain line. It fits a touch big right now, but should be perfect by summer! 

And yes, I did bribe my girl to sit still with a peanut butter cookie. (Don't worry it is sweetened with honey not sugar so it's a bit healthier... haha.). I LOVE it on her! I usually don't mix so many fabrics together but I think the colors work together perfectly, and am pleased I chose to put the blue nearest her face.

Our Little Valentines!

I pinned this English muffin bread recipe  a few days ago and since my husband loves his English muffins (which may or may not have something to do with him being English) I decided to half the recipe and make a couple loaves for his Valentines ! We like to keep things simple most years and this year was one of those years. The bread turned out PERFECTLY! and it tastes like an English muffin!! Seriously - even down to that texture and the way the butter soaks in. yum! I think I've eaten more of it that he has so far...

Then the babes and I did some colouring. I did a quick google search and found a simple coloring sheet. 

For Supper I made chicken, mushroom, and pineapple pizza. Real cheese on the husband and babes and daiya cheese on mine. Maybe my day wasn't the most romantic day ever but I loved spending the day baking and crafting with my girl and being able to spend the evening with my beautiful family. I thought it was perfect. (other than my husband having a mega cold and the babes having an upset tummy - but she was in good spirits at least.)

Now, I have several ideas sketched and a pattern drawn! Let's see if I can find my sewing motivation again! 

ps. - vote for projects if you like doing such- I've entered my merry moose ornaments and the "sewing for me" dress I made

felt crown

FYI: I've heard blogger is getting rid of GFC - why I have no idea. I LOVE google friend connect... but I also love picnik and they are getting rid of that as well. Anyways to get to the point I added a linky followers thingy in the top right corner if you wish to follow that way and also an email subscription option if you prefer that! I really do appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my little blog! thanks :)

We had a princess themed birthday party to go to today and so for the birthday girl I just had to add a little something homemade to her gift! I found a great tutorial for a felt crown and made it reversible. 

What have you been working on? Anything exciting?

some days...

I know I haven't posted anything in awhile now.

It's been one of "those" weeks around here. Not too busy but the babes had her 18month needles and wasn't feeling well. I had a mountain of things to do (and not all of them got done...)
What I dislike the most about this type of day is that I feel stressed about doing things and so easily lose patience with my girl. I just hate when my days are so busy with the list of things to do that I forget or don't take time to enjoy the little one in my life (who is the most important part of my day). I feel terrible about it when I get the evening and reflect on my day and think "well wasn't I a shit parent today!"  The good news is that the next day is likely going to be a better day.
I like to think we all have those days and it's not just me. I really hope it's not just me.

So here's to having a better day and being a better mom today than I was yesterday!

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