Baking with the Babes

I love baking with my girl! sometimes  always it gets messy but we have fun together. Yesterday I decided that we should make some Valentines cookies for the main man in our life. we used I received these cookie cutters for Christmas this year (LOVE them! although some letters were a tight fit to get on and a little frustrating but most went on smoothly... just that "a" in "daddy" that was sticky)

the babes helped me flour the cookie cutter

As you can see she helped use the cookie cutter too (toddler help always makes for extra special cookies)

Then we got out the edible pens (another Christmas prezzie) and she drew special "messages" on the cookies

Not too shabby for a sick day!

Ps. Soon I'll get back on that sewing train, I promise! I have a few projects in mind already. One thing I wanted to do more of in this new year, especially with the babes getting older, is to do more memory building projects with her, and that is why you are seeing more toddler crafting on here than previously. Hope you don't mind and will keep reading!

pps. Baby shower and birthday season are coming up! cute dressy up bibs for boys and girls here can be customized! (yep, a little self promotion! but really if you see it on the blog I'll probably be able to make it for you and customized and at a fair price so feel free to email me and I can set up a custom listing.

Valentines crafting with the Babes!

 Today I decided to do a Valentines craft with the babes. You know all those pictures you see on pinterest and craft places now with hearts all in a row in frames, on pillows, etc. well, I thought my girl could do that.

I cut the hearts out for her and placed glue dots on the paper (cheap version of glue dots - Elmer's glue dotted onto paper using the butt end of a paintbrush) and I showed her to put the hearts onto the glue and then let her go to town! She LOVED it, but it got a little messy towards the end.

Her finished masterpiece!

magnetic paper dolls

I don't know what it is about magnets but my girl loves them!

When I saw the idea for magnetic paper dolls on a blog I happen to follow and love, I knew my girl needed some! I found some adorable vintage paper dolls that are free to print from Mcalls (I LOVE the vintage dolls!).

The only thing I will do differently next time is use a magnetic sheet that is MUCH stronger. They stick to the fridge but I wish they were a stronger hold.

Pajama Eating pillow

I LOVED the idea of the original pajama eaters but I didn't really want a monster for my little girl's room. then I came across this and of course pinned it.

My daughter loves monkeys - they are her favorite and whenever she sees one she goes "EEE, eee."

So I made a monkey version of the pajama eater! (ps. I downloaded the pattern back in the summer when it was free! and then made up as I went how to make it into a monkey)

Ps. I just reached 200 followers!!!!!! Thanks for reading everyone! 

Hot Water Bottle Cozy

I LOVE my hot water bottle. It's like a hug on a cold day... a very warm hug... mmmm.

Anyways I pinned this pattern from Martha Stewart crafts AGES ago - and then that pin got lost so I re-found and re-pinned it. and Decided this was the week to make it!

(my embroidery skills are limited)

I of course didn't want just a plain cozy though so I drew up a cute little piccie and embroidered it on!
I also took the time to upload the pattern for you all! PATTERN

I embroidered onto muslin and so I could just put the muslin on top of my pattern and trace it - very easy.

I then basted the muslin to fleece so the cozy would have a good thickness to it and I wouldn't get that burning heat feeling and sewed it together according to the tutorial. (I also used bias tape on the flap part which isn't mentioned in the tutorial)

Sewing for ME! yep, I finally did a personal project!

I decided to do some me sewing today! Husband was out, my parents took the babes for the day (so nice to have a day to myself!). I chose on of the vintage patterns I picked up a couple months ago (for free!). pattern printed in 1969.

I thought maybe the dress would look better with a belt like it has in the picture - but I couldn't find mine. I've neglected room cleaning for sewing... So I used my husbands belt!

The back of the dress. This was my first time sewing darts! I was pleasantly surprised with how easy they were to sew, and the zipper is neatly hidden as well!

Before you look at the next picture I want you to know this is my "model" pose.  Be warned that I am not a model for a reason!

Hahahaha! I was laughing out loud for a loooong time when I saw  this picture! Pretty safe to say I did not seduce my husband with my sexiness. It was my awkwardness. Don't feel bad for laughing. It's a funny picture.

and lastly here is a side shot - so you can see the fabric better (joel dewberry) and the little sleeve/shoulder pleat. (and my minty nailpolish) 

One of the things I want to do more of this year is personal sewing. Not 100% sure if this is a dress I'll wear out yet. but I like it well enough for about the house/yard. Opinions?

ps. I haven't hemmed it yet - do you like the length? should I shorten it a few inches or hem as is?

Leftovers pie!

I don't know about your family, but mine usually over makes food for the holidays and so we always have plenty of leftovers! My favorite thing to make with leftover turkey meal is turkey pie, plus my husband and daughter both love it! I am also known to take leftover turkey no one wants and put it into freezer bags so I have it on hand to make turkey pies. 

Step 1 is to gather your leftovers or ingredient leftovers. I used ingredients for the veg and leftover turkey. For veg I used celery, onion, mushrooms, and frozen peas and carrots. Anything will work really.

For the sauce use 1 cup of milk.

and then fill it up to the 2cup line (ish) with chicken stock. I did water and oxo.

Pour all but 1/2cup into the pan with the veg and turn to medium heat. With that 1/2cup you left behind add a little cornstarch stir and add it into the pan and stir it all together.

While it's heating up you have the fun of taking the leftover turkey off the bones (yay!) and adding it to the sauce and veg. Stir everything together and let the sauce thicken.

Once it thickens add the potatoes. They will get a bit mushy and end up kind of like slightly mashed spuds in there - so if you want to use leftover mashed potatoes go right ahead. This really isn't a fussy dish to make. 

Roll out your pie crust. In case you don't have a favorite recipe I use this for a double crust pie:
2c. flour
1/2 tsp salt
2/3c shortening (lard)
1Tbsp vinegar
5-6Tbsp. water

(This recipe works great unless you try and double it like I did... my pie crust turned out terrible - so please don't judge the recipe based on my pie crust in the following pictures)

Put mix into the pie crust  - I used a deep dish pie plate- cause meat pies should be thick.

See the horrible pie crust... fail, but it will taste good! 

Looks a bit better once the top is on.

Here is the finished pie !
(see the crust doesn't look *that* bad now that it is cooked up)

I also made a few rather sad looking mince meat pies for my husband... I think I'm going to throw out the rest of the dough though. Lesson learned.

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