present wrapping

Present wrapping in 2012

I am sure you saw one of the countless posts about the ruby star wrapping book as it made it's way about the blog circut. Well it kind of inspired me in a way. I felt as though the whole point was that the wrapping in and of itself was a part of the gift to be enjoyed. and so I tried to make each present appealing and gift ish in it's wrapping.

I used raccon tags (thanks to imaginegnats for the raccoon week pattern)

I made my own bunny pattern for a toddlers gift. 

and then I moved onto actual more like copying - the simple drawstring bag idea from the book. 

one for my daughter - that I put her littlest pet shop toy in - and now she can keep her little treasures together. (and yes, she really does like to wear princess shoes all the time)

and a bread bag (except I squared the bottom to make it more bread bag ish)

This linen bag is made of valorie wells linen I had in my stash. and I'm certain my grandma will be pleased with the cinnamon raisin bread!

and then I made myself a linen bread bag

hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


A merry star wars prezzie for the husband!

So, I don't know about you, but I really like being able to make things for the people in my life (hopefully they all enjoy craftiness!). Of course a big love in my life is the husband, so I decided to get out the silhouette and make him a Christmas star wars shirt!

If you want the svg file go here to ladywolf. I don't have the designer edition of the silhouette software so I asked a friend who knows things about computers to help me with the file thing - thanks Sarah!

I will say that it is important to have a nearly new/new kind of sticky mat! or else this will happen :
(ps. after trying a bunch of settings - I thought I was out of mats, I nearly gave up but then took a look around and found a new mat!!! yay! project went on!)

The weeding was an absolute pain in the ass! Seriously. I carefully took it off the mat so that nothing came out - ironed that freezer paper down and then carefully, using a needle, picked out everything I didn't want.   

FINALLY done weeding!!! 

then I broke out the fabric paints  (I did a layer of white for everything, then a second layer of white on the snowflakes and a layer of yellow on the words - a-la star wars esque)

and lastly - gift that sucker up to the husband!!! (except I am WAY to excited about it for it to wait till Christmas .. I'm sooo bad at that!)


use scraps for gifts !

I decided who doesn't like a festive tea towel? perfect for anyone you know who has a kitchen :)

 These scraps are from a jelly roll I had used to make a Christmas table runner - the strips were just that bit too long so I had all these pretty scraps that really did need a festive use. Sewed the scraps together and then iron the 4 sides over, pinned into the towel, and sew! done!

so there you go fun, easy, and fairly inexpensive gifts.

ps. notice the lack of wordage lately (and posts for that matter...) I've come to realize it's very hard to keep up with regular blogging with a toddler and a newborn.. that both want to be held or in case of the toddler climbing on me all day long. by the time they are both asleep - I feel the need to be as well, or trying to quickly sew something. lol.
Basically I'm trying to say this blog might be a bit slow for the next while, or more just showing what I've made in hopes of inspiring you all to just sew something, even if it's a simple project. With any luck the newborn will soon start going to sleep for the night before 11 and I'll be able to slowly do a bit more on here  Thanks for reading and sticking with me - even on the boring days !  :)

I also made these fun aprons! Saw a pic on pinterest (of course with a link to no where) so I made up my own pattern and made 3! I am giving 2 as gifts and have 1 extra I have no idea what I'lll do with it... so if you want to buy it email me. fits my 2yr old who wears mostly 3T a bit big but workable. so I'd say sizes 2-5ish


oh my goodness! I'm alive and doing stuff!!! and fray check

Made these cute little snack bags this week - one for the husband and one for my dad's birthday - who my daughter has nicknamed "pumpkin". She loved colouring the little patches and even made the "A" in "daddy"

I also whipped up a hot water bottle cozy. As the temperatures keep on dipping I like to be cozy warm :) and I LOVE having a hot water bottle to take to bed with me. warm and cozy!

If you want one of your own - email me! I'm thinking $15 without embroidery applique... different fabric available. (and a must really - I'm now out of cute pink deers. Although I could order more it just means you probably wouldn't have your cozy in time for Christmas). ps. you can facebook me as well
 Also made up these:

I even broke out the silhouette to make these mustache blocks to send to a friend - a group of us made 2 blocks each, mustache themed. to put a lap quilt together for a friend in need of some cheer.

and if you have little girls to shop for check out my dolls on etsy
ps. this is a note to me.... home made fray check.
4 parts water, 3 parts white school glue, and 1 part tacky glue (makes it slightly stretchy)

crafts with tot and christmas on the mind

First off I can't believe it's been like 3 weeks since i last posted... Life has been busy what can I say.

We had a no screen time for tots week here and so that meant a lot of crafting:

Had the babes pick what she liked out of the toy catalogue - and she got to do a cut and paste Christmas wish list - I am keeping it and having her do this every year by the way.

snowman craft - she loves the "fluffy" 

making a caterpillar with an egg carton box 

For chritsmas  crafting i have some ideas on my mind - Love these snowman face features

I think i'm going to do this craft with the babes - though maybe not pinecones since we don't have the pretty kind here
Pinned Image

I want to make these with the babes too - but my husband HATES cinnamon... maybe they will have to be gifts...

maybe we'll make mice for ornaments instead...
Candy Cane Mice

I need some good ornament ideas for me to make - anyone want to link them or tell them - I'd LOVE to hear! 
Thanks for leaving a comment :)


happy mail day!

I love getting good ol' fashioned mail! I mean...  I do appreciate the kind emails and facebook messages as well but you have to admit there is something fun about seeing a non bill with your name on it at the post!
Todays post I found this book! which I won from
Also in the mail was this adorable soft cloth book from my friend Nancy at (who I've been bloggy friends with I think since I started blogging) It is so cute  I had to hide it from the babes since she is in a stage of claiming everything cute as her own... oh the joys of 2!
and I took a picture of the card to - because her writing looks like computer font - it's so pretty. I know that may sound strange but I've always noticed peoples fonts. 
and as for me... I have not been doing much more than a little sewing on small projects here and there and enjoying my girls :) It still makes me happy to say "my girls!"
I did put them in their matching big and little sister shirts that I freezer papered up for them and took some pictures. I bribed the older with stickers to keep giving the little kisses till I got a shot of it (point and clicks have a slower shutter time than I would like)

Have a fabulous weekend!

dress giveaway

this adorable peasant dress made of valorie wells linen is up for grabs in a giveaway I'm participating in

In other news... Thoughts on my starting to sew these dresses to sell? Email me @ if you are interested in buying one or 3...


Winter Garden dolls!

Introducing Winter Garden Dolls!

these little cuties are made and ready to send off to a new home!

Now available in the shop!


toddler crafting fail.

So our youngest kept me up pretty much all night (as in I slept maybe 3hrs total) which I thought meant it would be a good day to let the babes paint her pinecones we collected a few weeks ago on a walk...

you know those cute "EASY" kids crafts you see on pinterest with pinecones?

Pinned Image

or this one

Pinecone and ribbon door decoration

well this is how it started... 

and it ended...

not as relaxing a morning craft as I had hoped...


what is new... uhmm.. a baby girl!

I know I don't often share pictures of the family. but here we all are a few hours after the youngest was born. She'll be 2 weeks old tomorrow <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

We had our gorgeous second daughter on September 13! Exactly 39 weeks along. I went to bed feeling fine - like I was going to be pregnant forever, and at 12:30am I woke to a water burst and we raced to the hospital and our little girl was born at 2:06 am! She is petite (5lbs6oz but nearly 20 inches long) and she is perfectly healthy and I'm not feeling too badly either. At her 1 week appointment she had already surpassed her birth weight - so she's doing really well !

Life is a bit busy with a new baby in the toddler mix. So I might be a little quiet on the blogging, I'm sure you all understand. But then again - Christmas is coming up and I'm already itching to get out the sewing machine, just trying to get them to bed at the same time ... with a little energy leftover for the crafting :) I do have a couple things cut out though. So we shall see.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday :) 
oh and ps. please repin so I can win - only need a few (as in 7) more ! 

pin to win! help?

please help me win some fabric? 

pin to win!

if you want to do your own/get details go here

ps. if you repin feel free to leave a link to yours and I'll return the favour :)


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