Well I certainly have had a "lucky" few weeks and won some giveaway! I thought I should send a little love back so here we go!

This tie it in a bow hoodie is from here. I LOVE it!!! It's a comfy material, not too bulky and it is not a wrinkly/creasing material. (ps. please ignore those little paint spots on my grey shirt sleeve.. and the mess on top of the bookcase - it's one of the last remaining spots the babes can't reach)

 fun earrings and a pin from the southern lovely blog - which I'm sure everyone already reads. I LOVE her packaging. I always wonder where people get such cute things to package in...

Fat quarter bundle from sew obsessed! (yay fabric!!! and it is sooo pretty - not sure what I should do with it yet. Anyone have ideas?) 

Lastly, these gorgeous prints for the babes room that I need to get picture frames for yet, they are from Urban Tickle - and Prudent Baby held the giveaway. 

and these thankful vinyls from  the 36th Avenue's blog

In other news, how do you know when it was time to move your kid into a toddler bed or just out of the crib in general?

Monster Mitts!!!!

I made these super cute monster mitts, based on my own mitts that my dear husband bought me a few years ago - I love that my fingers get to stay together! I followed this tutorial for the construction (it is very easy to follow along with). If you want to make monster mitts of your own extend that thumb piece to be more like a whole area piece and add a face. and do the bottom top piece of the mitt in a pink or red or whatever is your fancy for the inside mouth. The bottom bottom piece should be the same color as your top top piece. (hopefully that makes a bit of sense!)

and I made them fleece lined - cozy cozy! now just to decide who gets them...

Making egg and dairy free Snickerdoodles

With the holidays approaching I seem to get asked to bring Christmas baking with me to some events. Which is fine but since going all egg and dairy free baking has lost a lot of its luster, and holiday baking is always loaded with butter and eggs and yummy things like that.

I found a recipe for Snickerdoodles on allrecipes (gotta love that site) but made a few changes to it - one being replacing the eggs and the second replacing the cream of tarter (I never buy the stuff).

So to make the recipe without the eggs and without the cream of tarter you simply replace the eggs with:

  • 4Tbsp. water
  • 2Tbsp. of oil
  • 1tsp. baking powder 
Beat till smooth and add in when you would add the eggs.

For the cream of tarter I did 1 tsp. baking powder and 1tsp. lemon juice. 

Baking and everything is the same as per the original recipe and the cookies turned out GREAT!

Mushy post... ? (don't worry it does include a craft)

5 years ago I married this charming and funny, and quite handsome brit I had met just over a year prior.

(and I LOVED my red shoes, I figured since the dress covered the shoes anyways I might as well have fun with the shoe shopping!)

In 5 years I have realized what a truly wonderful man I married. I am more in love now that I was 5 years ago. I'm very pleased with my choice, and even though we have our struggles we are happy together and enjoy each others company. I really do love being married to someone who can make me laugh everyday, knows how to clean up after himself, and loves our daughter more than the world. 
There are more reasons I love him of course - but I have a feeling this is enough mush for a crafty blog!

For our anniversary today I made this little pocket bot for his lunch kit - I even packed his lunch for him today! Wrapped a little note around a twizzler stick to put in the pocket. Hope he likes it! (he will - he appreciates the crafts). 

My one tip for dealing with men - tell them exactly what you expect/want/need. Seriously, they are the worst mind readers.

Christmas Jammies and Bears!

I don't know about you but November makes me want to start getting ready for Christmas! The weather is getting colder, all the leaves are off the trees, and this full on fall makes me want the holidays!

I made these Christmas nighties (for the babes and her cousin) from my own pattern. I had bought a pattern I was going to use but the size 1 turned out for like a size 3T. huge! I even read the measures on the back first.

 I did a gathered front skirt to the nightie, a high neck with a button close. I like a not to gaping neck hole on winter jammies. I did french seams throughout this dress.

A close up of the back, cause I like how tidy it turned out.

I embroidered the girls first name initials onto the jammies so we would know which nightie belongs to which girl (even though they are the same size). OK. maybe I just like adding a bit of a personalized touch.

I had some extra fabric and so I decided to also make little Christmas bears for each girl to go with the jammies! I used the pattern found here that is free if you sign up for the newsletter. 

Each bear also has an initial embroidered to it on it's little tushie.

I know Christmas presents are supposed to be a surprise - but I wanted to be sure they fit... and then I wanted to see how cute they were with the matching bear. (the babes is only just about 16months so she won't remember by Christmas - right?)

She loves hugging her toys and giving kisses! too sweet! (but I'm biased)

and so my Christmas crafting has begun! How is your Christmas crafting going?

some funny stuff ! Advent ideas? A little look back.

yep. I started sewing nearly a year ago and that doll was one of my first projects and I thought it was pretty good. My babes still plays with it though :)

Onto the new... I want to do an advent something tradition with the babes but am not sure how to do it. PS. please leave me thoughts, ideas, links, etc on the theme of Christmas! 

We have a small space so something like this would probably work but I'm not sure how well it would stay on the wall.

Guest bloggin tutorial

Check me out here today! I'm doing a tutorial for an easy cookie cutter ornament. Bless is doing an amazing 30days of tutorials - lots of great Christmas ideas for presents and stockings and I particularly loved her advent idea that she did yesterday!

Hand Toasty Tutorial

I don't know about you, but I HATE having cold hands! So I decided to make some hand toasties to slip in my pocket during cold days. I wanted the rice pack to be in it's own pouch since I wasn't sure how felt would handle the microwave.

So here is the tutorial for a little mini rice pack to keep your hands toasty as you go out and about this holiday season! (ps. did you notice my header is a bit more festive now?!). Hello Fall! 

Here you can see the pattern pieces (if you readers want I can scan in the pattern - just leave a note). I put the measuring tape in there so you can get an idea of size.

Stitch on your embroider if you want first. I wanted to write "hand toasty" on so it was clear what these are since these will be Christmas gift add ons. (My embroidery is nothing to write home about - but I think it still adds a little something)

Next stitch the jam piece onto the front toast piece. 

Now put the back pieces on top of the front (right sides together). You could do this project out of cotton but then you would have to do a double hem on the back pieces. 

 Pin the pieces on and stitch all round

To make the rice pouch cut two pieces 3"x 3.5" approximately.

Stitch all around leaving a hole for turning and filling with rice. 

Once you have put your rice in stitch the opening closed (I did a simple whip stitch - I think that's what it is called)

And there ya go! Hand toasty is complete and ready to go into stockings for Christmas or into your pockets to help you stay warm as you Christmas shop, or go tobogganing, etc.

& thanks for stopping by! 

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