Sewing up a FREE pattern that is AMAZING! Cloud 9 top by Striped Swallows

Do you love free patterns as much as I do ? Well, I should probably say I love quality patterns that are free... I hate free patterns that are a case of "get what you pay for". 

I am happy to report the cloud 9 tee which is free from Striped Swallows (in both the kids AND women's sizing!) is a great pattern with all the features of a full price proper PDF! 

You do have to join their fb group for the code though - it is in the pinned post.   

This is a pretty take on a dolman top with it's curved hemline and casual fit, it has long sleeve option and you can print via layers which is great for those of us who mash sizing! I made the 8 length and the 7 width for my girl.

The curved hemline is fun to add some colour blocking too (and not just if you run out of main fabric... because your kid is tall now). I had a fat half of each fabric - the mini stars and the main moon print and I easily have enough leftover mini stars to get a small project out of it. So under a yard of fabric for a size8! 

Because it is a dolman it is a super quick sew - I don't even know if this took a full 30minutes to sew. It also cuts fast since you have one front and back and a neckband - and optional long sleeves. 

My girl tried it on and declared she loved it and was NEVER going to take it off ! Yay for a fabric and pattern combination win! 

For fabric I used a custom cotton lycra from True North Fabrics (this print is actually on preorder until jan 31st, 2018. Then you'll have to wait for limited retail after that if you want it). 
The fabric sews up beautifully and my girl claimed it the minute she saw it!

You can join their FB group here for info: True North Fabrics (yay for a Canadian shop!) I also LOOOVE that they have a shipping guarantee !    

Now, for the adult version I made one for myself in french terry... I think the fabric choice would have worked well... except... I was right on the edge of the xs and the small and I went up when I should have gone down. 

So I have plans to reprint this pattern up and sew it in an xs next time!
Though I will say - I wear this one all the time as well - it might be a slouchier look - but it is SOOOOOO comfy!!!!  

A little Free Motion Applique

A little free motion applique hoop art!
I got started in sewing in 2010 after I had my 1st daughter. I was on maternity leave (1 year - thanks Canada!) and I was needing something to do during nap times that was not so messy or so much work to take out and clean up as my current hobby was (I liked to paint on canvas as)

I started Free Motion Applique in 2014, just a little playing with it here and there until it slowly became a fun for of art for me.
My own design and saying
Now I still sew a lot of clothing as you mostly see on the blog, but I do enjoy artistic sewing as well, but it doesn't get as many views or fit into "work" type sewing well: so, sadly, it is a "just for fun" thing I do when I have the time. I do hope to make more art though in 2018... and maybe even take up selling some of it! (I did sell one of the feminist household hoops already!)

Fabric from these projects are Jennifer Paganelli's Sis Boom lines for Freespirit fabrics 



Happy New Year!!

75 sewn projects I got pictures of for 2017!
Plus dozens of smaller or quick projects I have not taken pics of.. gift stuff, hanging tea towels, paintings, and etc.
I'm gonna call 2017 productive!

What has been your favourite sew of 2017? 

(feel free to leave a link in comments to your blog or instaG!)

Christmas Jammies and a FREE pattern for FMA

So, my kids needed some Christmas jammies.... because... you know.... it's almost Christmas? and I like to make projects for myself as any good sewist does?? Or maybe I just wanted to sew and needed a deadline ???

Any way you slice it - I made PAJAMA'S!!!! and The pattern is one sale this week! AND AND AND  - I have a freeee pattern for you!!! The "Beary Christmas" free motion applique pattern you see on the front's here! 

Ok. Let's talk pattern. As you know I'm a super picky person when it comes to pattern testing and what I post on here, so as is no surprise I'm sure - this is another Little Lizard King pattern. 

The Northern Lights Pajama Set includes:
- sizes 12 months - 12 years
- designed for knit
- knee or ankle length gown with optional hem/bodice ruffles
- simple top or gathered top with optional hem/bodice ruffles
- fitted or gathered sleeves offered in long and short lengths
- shorts/pants with optional hem ruffle

As you can see I did the gown option (no ruffle because I'm lazy! which all you regular readers know by now), and the plain pj top and pants! My kids of course wanted to each have new jammies.. but one likes gowns and one top and bottoms, and I'm HAPPY to see a pattern with both - because who wants to spend MORE $$$$ at Christmas time??? NOT ME! and if you don't either - this pattern is double duty and helps the pattern budget with all the options!

I used knit fabric from (yep - even the sparkle background is fabric from there...)

The jammies both sewed up fast as can be, and super cute, as you can see. As usual - I enjoyed LLK's directions and felt they were laid out very clearly , which is sometimes a challenge in multi optional patterns; and the fit is as per the measurements guide. 

Want the FREE free motion applique pattern? Head on over to my facebook group! I uploaded it there as I find that the easiest right now. But, I'm open to hearing thoughts on other ways to do free patterns as well :) 

*NO affiliate links used - yep. nothing affiliated on this post! So no worries - I am not making a cent off you reading or clicking through to anything

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