Sis Boom Angie - Hack-a-thon Tutorial and RoundUP!

The super fun SisBoom Angie hack-a-thon week is officially over ... sadly. 
BUT I thought I'd do a final fare thee well and round up post with one more quick and very easy hack!

To lower the back neckline I put my front bodice piece on top of the back and traced the neckline to the back. You can use any of the 3 neckline heights or make up your own. I used the lowe neckline so I could get a nice open back for my mini dress - living where I do my skin needs the sun when it can get it!

To get my skirt this full I actually used WOF (width of fabric) times 2 ! I looove a nice full skirt on a mini dress length! Now I'm just waiting for the snow to melt!

Here are the other stops and hacks on the blog tour! So many fun ideas for you to try!

KNIT skinny overalls from Wolf and Tree Patterns

My oldest has been asking me for SKINNY leg overalls for a while now! And who knew that such a pattern would be so hard to find?!

So when Wolf and Tree posted a tester call for skinny overalls I just HAD to sign up!

The good news is that it is LOADED with options, and a quick sew! and stylish enough for the older fussier kids to proudly wear to school!

For a short time this pattern, loaded with options is available for $5.95, no coupon code needed!
Shortie shorts, long shorts, capris, pants, peplum, short skirt, medium skirt, long skirt, two necklines, two bodice widths, knee patches, suspenders, pockets, cloth diaper fit..
On sale from now until Friday!

I want to say that the owner of Wolf and Tree took the time to listen to feedback and update the pattern several times to get just the right fit for all the differnt sizes in the pattern! I love being a part of a test where the designer cares so much about their pattern that they take the time to get it RIGHT!

I can't wait to try the skirted shorts versions for summer wear! (c'mon summer.... The Canadian prairies are killing me on this whole weather thing...)

For under the overalls - the little lizard king 's perfect ten pattern (always) As you all kow I sew this pattern anytime my kids need a tee of any kind.

Dino fabric found HERE for retail! 

OR if you want to FREE MOTION APPLIQUE click HERE!


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